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Demographic Winter and Bomb



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Steven SmootWelcome! My name is Steven E. Smoot, President of Family First Foundation. Our name reflects our commitment to protect the family as society’s first and foremost institution. At this critical time, Family First is making a decisive difference on two major fronts.

• Through our powerful demographic documentaries, we educate leaders and other important individuals on the dire challenges posed by falling birthrates.
• Under the capable leadership of E. Douglas Clark, we support all research that looks at the consequences that the loss of strong familes will have on the fate and future of a society. We recognize that strong familes are needed for the future growth and economic prosperity of every nation.


I recently published a book that looks at the history of ancient North American civilizations. Surprisingly, the way our history has been handed down to us also has a lot to do with the family and family rights. Learn more about the book, "Lost American Antiquities: A Hidden History".

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E. Douglas ClarkMy name is Doug Clark, Executive Director of International Relations. For the past ten years I have worked at the forefront of an amazing battle being fought in the United Nations. At stake is our most precious asset: the family.


“We are at war,” says Catherine Vierling, head of the European Forum for Human Rights and Family. In the words of Allan Carlson, President of the Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society, “strong familes stands reviled and threatened in the 21st century.”  


What happens at the UN on family issues profoundly affects societies around the world, including our own. We work with everyone that recognizes the importance that strong familes play in the future growth and economic prosperity of every nation.


But our efforts are privately funded, and we need your support! I invite you to help if you can. I further invite you to do what you can wherever you can in supporting family. Thank you.


For more information read "A Time to Act for the Family".


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Family First Foundation is a major sponsor of groundbreaking documentaries, Demographic Winter - The Decline of the Human Family and Demographic Bomb - Demography is Destiny.


Demographic Winter and Demographic Bomb

Demographic Winter


One of the most ominous dramas of modern times is quietly unfolding. Below replacement fertility rates in many countries and the decline of strong familes are leading us to a demographic "tipping point" which threatens catastrophic consequences. Sociologists, demographers, and economists around the world agree that we are headed towards a "Demographic Winter." The economic and social effects of this decline are severe and long lasting, and are already apparent in much of Europe.


Phil Longman, a Washington D.C. demographer and author of the book The Empty Cradle said: "Global decline in human birthrates is the single most powerful force affecting the fate and the future of society in the 21st century."


Two documentaries Demographic Winter-The Decline of the Human Family and Demographic Bomb-Demography is Destiny, take an academic, educational and entertaining look on the social and economic effect that below replacement fertility is having on the global economy. Demographic Winter even predicted the financial crash of 2008 and Demographic Bomb reveals how it is just the beginning. The documentary trailers can be viewed at


Demographic Winter and Demographic Bomb are destined to change the dialogue and debate over what is the most pressing social issue facing society today.